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PRO Health Advocacy - health care advocatePro Health Advocacy, founded by Susan Richardson RN, MN, JD, LNC offers Health Advocate services to individuals to help them maximize their health care outcomes through Education, Empowerment and Advocacy.  Her mission is to help you get the health care you need and deserve. Whatever your health challenges are; acute medical, chronic illness or the need for a transition in lifestyle, as your Health Advocate, Susan can guide you through the process of identifying what YOU need and want.  Whether you just need a sounding board or want someone at your side as your advocate to help you make difficult medical decisions, Susan can be there in whatever capacity you need.  With her as your health advocate, you won’t feel alone as you journey through our complicated and intimidating health care system.


  • The Health Care Landscape is confusing and impersonal
  • Medical appointments seem rushed causing you to be reluctant to ask questions
  • You can’t always see the same physician
  • Medical language difficult to understand creating confusion
  • You have decisions to make about Your health, Your life. They are the big ones.
  • You want to make sure you know all of the treatment options
  • You are concerned about your parents and want to make sure they are safe and can get the medical treatment they deserve
  • You are located out of town and you want a point of contact to help you help your loved one locally


  • Elder Care Consultant and Advocate
  • Elder Transitions
  • Facilitate cooperative family dynamics during elder transitions
  • Coordinate home care
  • Help you learn more about your medical condition and treatment options
  • Find providers of care
  • Chronic illnesses care consulting
  • Liaison with other medical professionals
  • Medical record evaluation and interpretation
  • Patient Advocate - Hospital bedside monitoring
  • Information about patient privacy, powers of attorney and health directives
  • Medical issue research
  • Anything where health, illness, or injury is an issue in which you want to ensure your decisions are well made and that you get the help you need and deserve


  • Providing Personal Service
    • We are at your side when needed
    • Representing your personal medical interests
    • Attend doctors or other medical professional meetings or help you prepare for the visits
    • Timely - Get the help you need when you need it in an understandable format
  •  Our Knowledge, Experience and Expertise
    • Medical - Current RN License
    • Legal - Current Licensed Member of the Washington State Bar
    • Advocacy - Experience with clients of all ages, with in home care, care facilities, hospitals and physician offices
    • Certified Legal Nurse Consultant
    • Experience in ICU Nursing and Nursing Education. Former faculty member at University of Washington School of Nursing
    • Comprehensive
      • Training, experience and understanding of medical issues and processes
      • Comfortable in any health care setting or situation
  • Our Resources
    • A broad network of medical and professional resources and contacts
Susan Richardson Health AdvocateSusan Richardson is the founder and owner of Seattle based Pro Health Advocacy. Susan is a Registered Nurse, Licensed Attorney and is certified as an Advanced Legal Nurse Consultant. Her education includes a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, a Master of Nursing and a Juris Doctorate Degree.

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