PRO Health Advocacy - Seattle Health Advocate

Getting Started
PRO Health Advocacy - health care advocateIf you have an acute or chronic health care issue or concern and think a Health Advocate or Patient Advocate could help, feel free to contact me by phone or email.

Our initial conversation, up to ½ hour, is free of charge. This gives me an opportunity to get a sense of your concerns and determine what kind of help you want or need.  This could include:

  • A simple conversation to provide a sounding board and opportunity for you to clarify your thinking and feel confident about moving forward independently. Also an opportunity for you to get a fuller understanding of what a health advocate can do for you.

  • A continued dialog with the goal of developing a written list of questions or strategy for meeting the needs you identify

  • A personal meeting to facilitate a more intimate understanding of who you are and what you need

  • Personal attendance with you for any appointments, in any setting

  • A search of medical/nursing resources that can help educate you about your issues.

  • A search of agencies in your locale that can be of help to you

  • A review of your medical record to facilitate your understanding of the care you have received and the needs you have now

  • On call for situations where my help might be needed…especially hospitalizations

Based on the needs that are identified, an estimate will be given of the amount of time that may be required.  My fee is $100.00 per hour.

Upon agreement, a retainer of of the estimated amount will be requested and a summary of time spent will be available for you to review with final billing.  Other financial arrangements may be available based on circumstances and mutual agreement.

I will send you forms that will describe our mutual agreement, scope of practice, protection of privacy and pertinent health history.


My goal is to simplify and personalize the process for getting the help you need.

I want to be the deep breath you can take to feel that you’re taking control of your needs and doing that with someone who will “have your back”
Susan Richardson Health AdvocateSusan Richardson is the founder and owner of Seattle based Pro Health Advocacy. Susan is a Registered Nurse, Licensed Attorney and is certified as an Advanced Legal Nurse Consultant. Her education includes a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, a Master of Nursing and a Juris Doctorate Degree.