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Our goal is to provide comprehensive, thorough and affordable health care advocacy services to our clients in an understandable manner.
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Elder Care Advocate

No family is immune from the fears of the future for their parents.  It’s difficult to think of our parents becoming vulnerable.  Our relationship with them seems to change, often described as a role reversal:  “Now I feel like I have parental responsibilities for my parents.” Most put off confronting their fears until something happens and action is required immediately.  However, some early planning and assessing can help mitigate the stress that comes from an acute situation. Some early actions can even prevent life changing incidents. It’s never too early or too late to make some preparations.  Here is how I can help.

  • Guide you through the scope and manner of assessing your parents’ current situation as well as your parents’ own goals as they age
  • Identify the role you can and want to play as well as the roles of other family members, friends and support services
  • Help you build the channels of communication that will be so important in responding to changing circumstances
  • Identify the current risks to the safety of your parents in their home
  • Evaluate any developing concerns about driving and create ideas for influencing a decision to stop driving when it is unsafe
  • Identify the strategies and methods of staying informed about your parents’ health care issues and needs. 
  • Understanding your parents’ finances and determining what services are available to them through entitlements and how personal resources might supplement
  • Assess if and when it is time to consider moving out of their home.  How can planning ahead minimize the stress of that necessity?
  • Coordinate home care
  • Understand dementia and its part, if any, in your parents’ aging process.
  • Help you evaluate alternative living arrangements for your parents if remaining at home is not safe or affordable
    Assist you in a plan for the support or care of your parents in their own home
  • Help you understand Medicare and Medicaid and the ACA and what benefits they offer your parents
  • Teach you and your parents about the importance of HIPPA and HIPPA releases, Advance Directives, POLST forms, Powers of Attorney, Wills, Trusts, and other estate planning strategies
  • Personal attendance at medical office visits, hospitalizations and any other appointments where the sharing and receiving of information is essential
  • Understanding the difference between palliative care and hospice care
  • Being on call for you if an acute situation arises and you want personal guidance or involvement
  • If you reside out of state, personal involvement in checking in on them where ever they reside and assuring you that your expectations are secure

Patient Advocate

Health care providers want to help you get the best medical care possible, but bureaucratic regulations and  short, rushed conversations during office visits makes it difficult to feel like you have the right and opportunity to get the information you need about your health.  But you are important and sometimes just speaking up and asking questions can change the manner of your appointment.  It is often forgotten that health care providers work for you.  You need to make informed decisions about your care and you need the information necessary to make those decisions.  Your doctor is responsible to providing for informed consent.  But too many times you may be afraid of taking too much time or admitting that you don’t understand what they have said.  Doctors often forget that their medical language is foreign to their patients but they typically react positively to the request to clarify.  It is helpful to have someone with you, a family member or friend or professional advocate, to help you get your questions asked and even more importantly, insure you understand the answers.  Doctors and other providers are not intimidated by an advocate but welcome the opportunity to insure that you, their patient, are getting what you need. 

Identification of Other Resources and Their Contact Information

You may feel confident in your relationship with your physician or other provider but you have an issue that may require more outside research than your time allows, be it medical or simply other support services in the legal community or other local community resources.  A Health Advocate can help with the research and develop a helpful list of resources or referrals. 

Susan Richardson Health AdvocateSusan Richardson is the founder and owner of Seattle Based Pro Health Advocacy. Susan is a Registered Nurse, Licensed Attorney and is certified as an Advanced Legal Nurse Consultant. Her education includes a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, a Master of Nursing and a Juris Doctorate Degree.